Monday, 11 September 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette Review

Hey guys!

Let me cheer up your Monday by talking about the most controversial palette release possibly EVER! Yes, today I'm talking about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette. I'm sure you will have seen the hundreds of YouTube videos on this palette already but I'm here to actually show you what's what without all the drama.

Lets begin!

I ordered this the day it was released on the ABH UK website which literally crashed the minute it went live. After a bit of fuss I made the checkout and my order was processed. Props to Anastasia for not releasing times of their launches by the way, *cough cough Morphe.....Too Faced.....I hate when brands build up hype for releases for MONTHS beforehand and then don't release enough stock when they actually launch. Jaclyn Hill I'm looking at you! :)

Anyway enough ranting, back to the good stuff! Subculture is the sister palette to Modern Renaissance which was launched last year. As you know I love the modern renaissance palette, if you need reminding why click here for some sweet swatches. When the first photos of Subculture were released I was drawn in by the colour range. Mustard yellow, greeny blue tones with pops of dark burgundy and purple with two duo-chromes and a metallic. This seemed like the perfect autumn/winter palette and it was so refreshing not to see all warm colours.

Now for some swatches. In total there are 14 shadows (same as the modern renaissance), 11 which are ultra-matte, 1 metallic and 2 duo chrome.

Subculture swatches with no base or primer 

Looking at the palette I wasn't really too excited about the duo chromes until I actually used them. 'Electric' is probably my favourite colour in the whole palette! It has an unusual yellow gold green shift which looks amazing in the inner corners of the eye or dead center of the lid for a halo eye effect. While I love 'electric' I'm not really too impressed with 'cube'. Its nice but as its more of a pink shift so you can't use it as a highlight which is the only thing that is missing from this palette. I find that the duo chromes work best when applied with your finger or a dense brush that will pick up the product easier. The ulta-mattes are just that, ultra matte. The pigment is out of this world, I have never seen a matte shadow so pigmented in all of my life! 'Adorn' the only metallic shade is gorgeous and goes really well with the darker shades or is lovely even on its own.

An untouched palette gives me all the feelings! :)

So I know you are thinking yes the swatches are amazing but what about the fallout and blendability I've been hearing about? This is where subculture has caused a few problems for people. Yes there is a lot of fallout but there is also a good amount of fallout with the modern renaissance. Granted subculture has more but it means you need very little product. As these shadows are SO pigmented you really only need to dip your brush in once, no swirling or digging your brush in. I think this is where the problem lies for subculture. This is not a beginners palette plain and simple. If you normally find it hard to blend then you will have difficulty which is a shame. Heres one of the looks I did which I LOVED!

Shadows used: 'Adorn' all over the lid, 'Roxy' as a base colour on the crease with 'All Star 'over the top and 'Rowdy 'to darken with 'Cube' on the inner corner.

Should you have to adjust the way you apply your shadows for a a palette? Well that's up to you but think about some of the other palettes you have in your collection for a minute. If you have a palette which is not that pigmented then you have the opposite problem where you need to load up your brush to the max to try and get the desired effect. To me that's much worse but that's just my opinion. I didn't have any issues with colours turning grey or disappearing from the lids. I think if you apply too much product its possible this could happen. Less is more people!

Shadows used: 'Destiny' all over the lid, 'Dawn' as a base crease colour with 'Edge' over the top and 'Electric' in the centre lid.

I think that you will either love or hate this palette. This is currently retailing as £42 with free shipping to Ireland from the ABH UK site. This works out at around roughly €45. There are certainly dupes of the shades out there from Makeup Geek so if you didn't want to risk buying subculture maybe that would be the way to go. However 14 single shadows from Makeup Geek at $6 each will cost you $84 which is double the price and not all shade are exact dupes.

Do you own subculture or are you thinking of buying it? Let me know in the comments below, I'm dying to hear your thoughts on all of this :)

Bye beauties!