Tuesday, 7 March 2017

💜Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation Review💜

Hey guys! 

Happy Tuesday, hope your week is going well so far!! I've been testing out some new beauty products over the last few weeks and today I'm sharing my thoughts on the new Power Fabric liquid foundation by Giorgio Armani.

I had never tried anything from the Armani cosmetics range and was intrigued a few months ago when I passed the counter in Brown Thomas. I had heard so much about the Luminous Silk foundation but was a bit unsure on spending €46 on a foundation aimed towards people with dry skin so I went for the power fabric instead.

Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation
Power Fabric is described as a full coverage foundation with a matte velvety finish. As I have combination skin I like my liquid foundation to have a more matte finish rather than dewy. There's nothing worse than thinking your foundation is holding up well only to discover halfway through the day that your looking like a disco ball! For me, I like how it applies with a beauty blender the most. I tried various brushes but the beauty blender is definitely the winner. It gives a lovely smooth even finish and makes it very easy to layer the foundation if you want a super high coverage look. One layer with the beauty blender gives a medium to full coverage look whereas one layer with a flat top brush will give you full coverage without the second layer but it's not as smooth a finish. 

Shade 02 swatched up REAL close - bottom half is blended :)
I find I still need to set my face, especially in my oily areas but if you were normal to dry you would get away without having to use powder. Now for the €49 price tag is it worth it? Yes and no. For me I do like how this looks but I find even after setting with powder it still transfers. I do touch my face a lot during the day and rest my chin in my hands but if you want something bullet proof this won't be for you. Having said that I love the colour on me (I wear shade 02) and that's important as I find it so hard to match my weirdo skin tone! Everything is either too yellow or pink toned but this is just right. Goldilocks moment! :)

Power Fabric foundation in natural light, excuse my fluffy hair!
If your interested in trying this out I'd head to your nearest Armani counter and get a sample to take home. I always find it's better to take a sample and decide wether you like it after a few days rather than making a snap decision on the day :)

Have you tried out this foundation or any of the other Armani cosmetics range? Leave your recommendations in the comments below!

Bye beauties!