Thursday, 27 October 2016

Sister Jane Love πŸ’œ

Hey guys!

Are you excited for the Cork Jazz weekend?? I myself am looking forward to a jazzy boozy brunch in the Bodega on Sunday :)

I thought I'd share one of my FAVOURITE clothing brands with you today. When I first came across Sister Jane I immediately fell in love with their style of clothing. Its like they made all of their clothes just for me! Embellished collars, quirky patterns and gorgeous fabrics are staples which the brand are known for. 

I've rounded up a few of my best picks from their line at the moment, all of which are perfect for Autumn/Winter. Here are a few of the dresses which caught my eye.

Looking Glass Sequin Dress - picture from

The Looking Glass Sequin Dress retails for €88. This is in fact a dress even though it looks like a blouse and skirt. Best part? The skirt is sequined!

Wide-eyed Tunic Dress - picture from

The Wide-eyed Tunic Dress retails for €72. This one looks SO comfortable and who can resist a star print?

New Romantics Tweed Dress - picture from

This dress is probably my favourite one! It has some serious Chanel vibes going on :) The New Romantics Tweed Dress retails for €84. 

Mademoiselle Satin Bow Dress - picture from

This is the Mademoiselle Satin Bow Dress and yes, it looks like a stylish old fashioned french maidens dress but it is gorgeous! This one retails for €77. 

Next up are some tops and skirts which are just so pretty.

Smokestacks Lace Blouse - picture from

Look at this blouse. Look! This is the Smokestakes Lace Blouse and it is currently on sale for €26. Absolutely stunning. 

Majorica Knit Top with Corduroy Comeback skirt - picture from

The Majorica Knit Top looks fab with the Corduroy Comeback Skirt. The top retails for €53 and the skirt is €54. I love this combination, elegant yet youthful. 

I might as well show you my own personal favourite Sister Jane item that I own while I'm here. This dress is no longer available unfortunately as I have it a while now. Apologies for the awkward pose, I'm a bit shy when it comes to mirror selfies! 


I hope you enjoyed getting a peak at the world of Sister Jane. Have you come across this brand before and if so what did you buy? Leave me your comments below and let me know. Sister Jane is available from ASOS and of course

Bye beauties!