Thursday, 22 September 2016

Back To MAC Goodies!

Hey guys!

Is there anything better than FREE makeup? :)

I recently brought back all of my MAC empties to Brown Thomas in Cork. I have been meaning to do this for a few months but just never got around to it so I finally got them all together and had a little free makeup spree for myself. 

 For those of you who aren't aware of MAC's Back To Mac Programme, start saving all your empty and used MAC products ASAP! If you bring 6 empty containers back to MAC you receive your choice of either a regular lipstick (this does not include MAC Viva Glam or any limited edition lipsticks), regular eyeshadow or lipglass. Now unfortunately in Cork you only have the choice of the lipstick but to be honest I don't really like the formula of the lipglass, they're too sticky for me and I don't really use MAC eyeshadows anymore so for me its a win win.

I did have 36 empty products so I was able to get 6 free lipsticks. Yes I know thats a lot of products but remember I have been saving these for a long time now and the last time I brought products back to MAC was in 2012 so don't worry, I'm not splashing out on new MAC products every week! 

So what lipsticks did I choose?

I wanted mostly tones that I would get a lot of wear out of and one or two for when I'm feeling fancy. You'll notice a theme going on here but honestly, these are my go to colours :) I promise they're all different!

I'll start with the palest colours I chose which are Peach Blossom and Creme Cup. These are the perfect nude shades.

Peach Blossom
Peach Blossom is a cremesheen which is my favourite formula of MAC lipstick. It's a cool nude peachy pink with a very slight shimmer which gives a lovely glossy look to the lips.

Creme Cup is also a cremesheen but slightly warmer than Peach Blossom with more nude tones.

Creme Cup
Here are both swatched together so you can see the comparison, in the bullets they look almost identical. Shout out to everyone who's been told they have 20 of the same lipstick colour but really they're all different! :)

Next up are Twig and Velvet Teddy. You have probably heard of these shades before as they are two of Kylie Jenners favourite MAC lipsticks and were all over social media last year.

Velvet Teddy is a a beige brown. This is a matte so can be a little drying on the lips but fine if you moisturise beforehand.

Velvet Teddy
Twig is a brownish redish pink and has a satin formula. It is darker than Velvet Teddy but only slightly.

These would be for when I'm feeling like I want to look a bit more 'done' if that makes sense. These are also perfect colours for the Fall (my favourite time of year and it's here at least, hurrah!). From the swatches below it looks like Velvet Teddy has a sheen but it's just the way the sun is hitting the skin.

Finally we have the two darkest colours Captive and Diva. I would wear these shades very rarely, maybe only on a night out.

Captive is a satin lipstick which is a gorgeous pinky plum shade. This one does stain the lips so be prepared to wear it for a little longer than the rest.

Diva is a matte dark burgundy red and is divine! Again be prepared for staining but thats to be expected with darker red/purple shades.

As you can see from the swatches Captive and Diva are actually a bit lighter in colour than you would expect when you look at them in their bullets. These colours are gorgeous for winter especially for a party or new years eve.

I've done a swatch of all colours together so you can get a more realistic comparison. Sometimes it's hard to judge when your comparing colours that are very similar.

From top to bottom we have: Peach Blossom, Creme Cup, Velvet Teddy. Twig, Captive & Diva
So there you have it, hopefully this was helpful if your trying to decide on a new lipstick purchase. Or even better, if you have some empties to bring back to MAC for some free ones :)

What are your favourites from these shades or do you own any yourself?  Let me know on the comments below.

Bye beauties!