Thursday, 20 August 2015

OPI Venice Collection - Fall 2015

Hey guys!

I have some pretty polishes from the OPI Venice Collection which was released last week to show you today. I was SO excited when I saw the ad campaign for this collection, the colours are perfect for transition from summer to autumn as there are some bright shades but also gorgeous dark rich colours. Personally I can't wait for Autumn, it's my favourite time of year! 

Overall there are 12 colours in the collection along with 3 limited edition shades. I bought 6 out of the core collection, the others I left behind I felt I either had something very similar or weren't my cup of tea. Although when you see the neutral shades I picked up you'll be thinking 'really, you didn't think these were similar enough?'. Yes I have problems when it comes to nail polish.....moving on.....!

First up is I Cannolli Wear OPI which is a very pale grey that at first glance looks like an off white. This is a great alternative to white for a more subtle look to the nails if your looking for a pale colour that isn't so stark and something a bit more exciting than a pink or beige. This was a bit streaky on the first application but fine with a second coat.

I Cannolli Wear OPI
Next we have I'll Be There In A Prosecco. This is creamy pale beige. The formula on this one I felt could have been a bit better, it was streaky on the first coat and I probably could have done another after the second coat but I refuse to wear 3 coats of polish on my nails! Having said that the colour is nice and great for everyday for a nice clean look.

I'll Be There In A Prosecco
Tiramisu For Two is another neutral from this collection. This is more of a pinky nude compared to I'll Be There In A Prosecco. This one had the best formula out of all the neutral colours I bought and you could nearly get away with one coat however I applied two for the photo below. 

Tiramisu For Two
Now onto the fun shades! My favourite out of this collection has to be Gelato On My Mind which is a gorgeous bright pastel blue. I know that sounds a bit strange but its a very unique polish. Its pastel but bright without being neon at the same time. Confused yet? Probably, but look how pretty! :)

Gelato On My Mind
Purple Palazzo Pants is a bright lilac. Again the formula on this one was pretty good. This would actually be quite nice as an accent colour with one of the other neutral shades in this collection. Cute, girly and purple, this ones ticks all boxes.

Purple Palazzo Pants
Finally I have My Gondola Or Yours? which is a smokey black. This one is a bit more interesting than a regular old black polish as it has a bit more dimension due to the fact it has a slight jelly finish rather than a creamy opaque formula. I feel this would look good paired with a matte black polish for some nail art.

My Gondola Or Yours?
I'm loving this collection. I purchased all polishes from Hennessy Hair & Beauty in store in Cork but they are all available on their website here. I didn't see any of the limited edition shades there but as I'm not a huge fan of shimmery polishes I wouldn't really have been looking out for them anyway so I might be wrong.

Are you excited for Fall? Or are you clinging desperately onto Summer? Either way nail polish will cheer you up :)

Bye beauties!