Monday, 10 August 2015

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette Review

Hey guys!

Today I'm FINALLY sharing the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette with you. I have actually had this palette for about six months now but to be perfectly honest I wanted to really take the time to review it properly before giving you the lowdown.

First off I will say that this palette retails at €68......eeek! I know this is a ridiculous amount to pay for a highlighter but you do get three different colours which can be used for different effects. Well, that's how I justify to myself anyway! :)

The packaging is quite sleek, however I would have thought it would have been slightly better quality considering how expensive it is. It is plastic and feels very lightweight (which some people will probably prefer) and I have found the longer I have it that it scratches quite easily. It probably doesn't help that I keep it in my handbag for applying it on the way to work each day....there is a mirror inside which is handy.

The palette comes with three different shades, Dim Light, Incandescent Light and Radiant Light.
Dim Light is a peachy beige shade and can be used as an all over face powder to blur out the complexion and give a slightly glowing look to the skin. I normally use it on the cheeks and forehead.

Incandescent Light is my favourite and most used colour. It is exclusive to this palette so you can't buy it separately unfortunately. This is a great highlighter for anybody who's on the paler end of the spectrum like myself. It gives a gorgeous ivory pearlescent glow and illuminates the skin beautifully. This is going to be far too pale for anybody with olive or darker skin tones so if you have darker skin you might want to skip this palette as they other two shades can be bought individually anyway.

Radiant Light is a warm bronzey highlighter which is quite golden in colour. I don't tend to reach for this colour often as it is very warm and can look a bit orange on my skin tone.  It does however look quite nice applied over my regular bronzer to give a subtle glow. If I use this shade I will normally use it on its own and not highlight any other part of my face, nobody wants their face to look like a disco ball after all!

From left to right: Dim Light, Incandescent Light & Radiant Light
All in all this is a beautiful palette. It would be perfect for brides as all the shades are noticeable without being over the top and really make the skin look amazing. The price tag is steep but considering the individual highlighters are around €45 each its a good way to try out three shades for less than the price of two individual ones. You are getting less product at 0.35 oz. for one vs 0.35 oz. (around 0.12 oz.) for three in the palette but I've been using mine nearly everyday since I bought it and there's hardly a dent so far. I purchased mine at Space NK in Grafton Street, Dublin.

Have any of you tried this palette? If so what were your thoughts? Is it worth the hype? Also leave your recommendations for the permanent Hourglass shades worth trying out below.

Bye beauties!