Monday, 5 January 2015

Polka Dot Crown Nails

Hey guys!

Hope you all have a great Christmas, mine was pretty quiet but nice :)

Just a quick nail of the day post today, its super quick and easy to achieve and looks pretty fancy. First I painted my thumb, index and ring finger black using Ciaté Ghetto Fabulous (which for some reason has been renamed to Unrestricted Glam....anybody else notice this?) and my middle and pinky finger white with OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. 

Next I put a blob of both polishes on a piece of paper and dipped the top of a bobby pin into each and dotted on each nail except my ring finger with the reverse colour (so black dots over the white polish and white dots over the black). 

For the crown I made a stamping sticker using Essie Penny Talk which is a metallic rose gold and my Moyou Tourist stamping plate in 01. This was super easy to do, just place your polish over the design you wish to make the sticker with and scrape off the excess. Then press your rubber stamper over the design. Instead of transferring straight onto your nail like you would normally do just paint a layer of top coat directly onto the stamp and leave for a minute or two. Once the edges are dry you can lift the sides of the design using a tweezers and transfer onto your nail. It's best to either paint a thin layer of polish onto the nail you want to place the sticker, it can either be a top coat or another layer of colour, whatever you like. Once you've successfully transferred the sticker seal it with a final layer of top coat. There you have it, a homemade sticker :) If you would like to see this in action I found the following video from ellandish really helpful. Her Super Mario design is awesome!

Have you tried this technique of stamping stickers? If so leave me a picture of your designs below!

Bye beauties!