Saturday, 1 August 2015

Makeup Geek Blush Review

Hey guys!

As promised today I'm doing an in depth review of the blushes I ordered from Makeup Geek a few weeks ago. When I got these I was SO excited to use them as I'd heard so much about them online, mostly from Jaclyn Hill's YouTube videos and of course Marlena's own videos for Makeup Geek.

All of the swatches shown below are with one swipe in the pan so literally what you see is what you get with all of the colours I bought. There are another four in the collection but were out of stock when I went to purchase them. They are SmittenRomanceRendezvous and Hanky Panky

I'm going to start with my favourite and most used shade Spellbound. It's a gorgeous light salmon toned colour with a hint of tan. It has a matte finish with no chalkiness, which is hard to find in matte finish blushes. This is my go to colour for everyday, it goes with almost every look and isn't overbearing in the slightest. LOVE!


Spellbound swatch
Spellbound up close and personal!
My next most used shade is Head Over Heels which is a satin light bubblegum pink colour. I'm quiet pale and its hard to find lighter shades to actually show up on my skin so this is a great staple colour for me. As its a satin finish it gives a lovely glow to the cheeks without being in your face. Another great everyday blush for your collection.

Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels swatch
Head Over Heels up close and personal!
Bliss is a light toned peach shade with a slight hint of coral. This to me is the perfect spring shade. Its bright enough to give a lovely sheen without looking like a clown, always a good thing!


Bliss swatch
Bliss up close and personal!
Secret Admirer is probably the most unique colour of the lot Its a light lavendery purple with a matte finish. It is a cool toned shade so it is gorgeous on paler skin tones. However you will need to be careful with application with this one, too heavy handed will leave you looking like your skin is bruised so less is definitely more. It kind of reminds me a little of Illamasqua's Katie blush but not as pink and slightly darker. An unusual but flattering shade to add to your blush collection if used correctly!

Secret Admirer

Secret Admirer swatch
Secret Admirer up close and personal!
Love Affair is a super deep bright red/coral shade. This looks pretty scary in the pan I have to admit. It is really pigmented so if you get too much of this on your brush your going to look a hot mess! If used sparingly the colour payoff is absolutely gorgeous. Colours like this are normally recommended for darker skin tones but I think this would be amazing on a very pale skin tone, kind of like a Snow White look!

Love Affair

Love Affair swatch
Love Affair up close and personal!
Now this next blush could be used as a bronzer/contour shade for those of you with medium skin tones. Infatuation is a medium terracotta shade which has a matte finish. This is too warm for me to use as a contour shade but I can use this as a bronzer if I use it lightly. I prefer to use it as a blush for days when I don't really want a huge pop of colour but just want a bit of warmth.


Infatuation swatch
Infatuation up close and personal!
First Love is a lovely baby pink. It has a slight sheen, not a full on shimmer or glitter and leaves a pretty glow on the cheeks. Even though this is a very light pastel colour it is very noticeable on the skin. A very girly blush for your collection!

First Love

First Love swatch
First Love up close and personal!
Summer Fling is orange. Yes you read that correctly! :) Not a scary 'too much Sunny D' orange but a gorgeous soft burnt orange. This one is perfect for Autumn! Another favourite of mine.

Summer Fling

Summer Fling swatch
Summer Fling up close and personal!
Last up I have Hoonymoon which is a pinky mauve with flecks of silver shimmer. I actually use this as more of a highlighter rather than a blush and apply it to the top of the cheek bones. This applied with Spellbound underneath is a gorgeous combo!


Hoonymoon swatch
Hoonymoon up close and personal!
All of the Makeup Geek blushes are available in pan form if you have the Z Pallette for $9.99 each or in a compact for $12.99 each. I would highly recommend all of these blushes. They are all so buttery and soft and apply like a dream. The pigment is amazing and for the price point I don't think you can go wrong! MAC who?! 

I will be doing a review on the Vegas Lights palette soon, gorgeous eyeshadows for this time of year! Let me know if you have tried any Makeup Geek products before and what you got below in the comments! Or maybe you have a wish list? ;) 

Bye beauties!