Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Realash Serum

Hey guys!

I've always wanted perfect lashes, don't we all? Alas mine are, well to be honest, a bit of a let down. While they are dark they are very sparse and even with mascara on they're not anything to write home about, they're just meh. MEH! They don't hold a curl very well either which makes it impossible to find mascaras that actually work well on me. They are also very weak so if I wear a waterproof mascara or liner that's hard to remove, half of my lashes fall out in the process!

I had heard about Realash before on Youtube and was always curious to know whether it actually worked or not. The serum (which looks like a clear liner) claims to make your lashes 25% longer and 85% thicker after 8-12 weeks of use. It's very simple to use. After you have cleansed your eyes at night and removed all makeup, you apply the serum like you would a liquid liner onto the top lash line staying close to the root. That's it! I love the packaging, it's very sleek and the presentation box it came in was so cute! I love when companies take the time to package their products nicely, it makes such a difference when you open them up :)

As you can see from the pictures below my lashes need a bit of TLC so I really hope this works! I'll do a comparison in 4 weeks time to see if there's been any improvement :) 

If your interested in Realash click here to find out more!

Bye beauties!


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