Wednesday, 30 July 2014

OPI Coca Cola Collection

Hey guys!

I have yet another OPI mini haul for you! :) 
Today I have three polishes from the Coca Cola Collection which was released a few weeks ago. I have to say when I saw that this collection was to be released I was pretty excited. I am OBSESSED with vanilla Coke which is so hard to find here in Ireland. So whenever I see it I stock up! The collection is inspired by different flavours of Coke, Sprite and Fanta as well as the one and only Coke original. I didn't actually pick up the Coca Cola Red as I have similar colours in my collection already. 

First up I have You're So Vain-illa which of course is inspired by my beloved Vanilla Coke. This is a gorgeous pale cream nude which would suit everybody. This is obviously my favourite out of the collection, not only because of the name but because the polish is amazing. I have to say out of the three polishes I picked up, the formula was consistently good on all of them. This colour would be great for everyday or even for a bride or special occasion if you were looking to wear a colour but nothing too obvious.

The next polish I picked up is Sorry I'm Fizzy Today which is a creamy pale pink. It kind of reminds me of pink lemonade. It is quite strange that this is inspired by Vanilla Coke as the packaging here is red and cream but hey, it's a nice colour so I don't mind! This as an accent nail paired with You're So Vain-illa is actually a gorgeous combination. The picture below is with two coats of polish.

Finally I have A Grape Affair which is a deep, dark vampy creamy purple. It is quite dark and from far away looks black on the nail but up close you can definitely tell that it's purple. This shade is actually inspired by Fanta Grape which I have never heard of or seen before so this might just be available in the USA. Let me know if you've ever come across it! There is a lovely shine to this polish without a top coat. The picture below shows two coats of polish without a top coat.

The other colours in the collection either didn't appeal to me or I had something similar already so couldn't justify buying them. If you are looking for that perfect red Coca Cola Red may just be what your looking for. I'll link the others colours below if you are interested. As always I bought my OPI polish at Hennessy Hair and Beauty

Which colour stands out to you the most from this collection and will you be buying any?

Bye beauties!


Get Cherried Away - inspired by Cherry Coke
Green On The Runway - inspired by Sprite
Orange You Stylish - inspired by Fanta Orange
Today I Accomplished Zero - inspired by Coke Zero
Turn On The Haute Light - inspired by Diet Coke