Wednesday, 9 July 2014

My Top Nail Polish Picks For Summer 2014

Hey guys!

Today I'm going to share my favourite nail polish colours that I've been loving so far this summer. I decided to show them off in one manicure which I actually wore out last Friday night. It kind of reminds me of Skittles! 

All of the polishes are by OPI and I purchased mine from Hennessy Hair and Beauty Supplies in Cork. I'll link their site below if you're interested in buying any of them :) 

'Cant Find My Czechbook' which is on my thumb is a vibrant cream blue. The formula is a little streaky on the first coat but evens out nicely after the second. I love blue polish for this time of year! This was part of the OPI Euro Centrale collection which came out last year. As far as I know it's still available in Hennessy Hair and Beauty. 

'Gargantuan Green Grape' is the milky mint green on my index finger. I have to say the formula on this one is pretty crap. It takes about three costs to get it opaque and it's very runny. If the colour wasn't so nice I'd never use this but it does look very pretty on. It is a part of the permanent collection so it should be easy enough to find.

'Toucan Do It If You Try' on my middle finger is a gorgeous deep cream coral. The formula is good, opaque after two coats and no streaking. This is part of the OPI Brazil collection which was released for the World Cup 2014. The last two polishes are also part of that collection, I got a bit carried away when I saw them in store but the colours are so fun and vibrant! 

'Where Did Suzi's Man-go?' is on my ring finger and is a lovely mango orange cream polish. Again the formula is great, no streaking and opaque after two coats. I know orange is a bit out there as far as nail polish colours go but for summer I think it's acceptable :) . 

Finally 'I Just Can't Cope-acabana' is the yellow on my little finger. Now this is loud! I think yellow polish tends to scare people a little when they see it in the bottle but if you take your time and do it right it looks great on the nails. This is a colour that would be gorgeous on tanned skin also. The formula is very streaky on the first coat but fine after the second. I find with yellow they do tend to be very streaky or take quite a few coats to get opacity. Thankfully this one took only two. 

So there you have it! What colours have you been loving this summer? Pop your recommendations in the comments below! 

Happy nail painting! :)