Monday, 19 May 2014

#LetsTalkBlogChallenge Week 4 - Festival Survival Guide

Hey beauties!

So festival season is now upon us and I thought I would choose a festival survival guide as this weeks LetsTalkBlogChallenge post. For those of you who have been there and know what I'm talking about, a survival guide really makes the difference between a great time and feeling miserable at an event like this. It's so handy to see what others recommend so lets get into it! I'm going to base this on past experiences on day trips to festivals instead of doing a weekend guide, I'm too old for that carry on anyway! :)

A small cross body bag is a must for day ticket holders no matter what kind of festival this is. It needs to be small enough that it doesn't bother you carrying it around all day and big enough to fit all your essentials. Below is one I think is perfect! Also don't spend a fortune if you don't already have this type of bag. Chances are it's going to get destroyed anyway (especially if the festival is in Ireland) so don't become too attached :)

Fossil Cross Body Bag - this is a splurge at $88 but look how cute!!

Next essential is hand sanitizer, boring I know but trust me this will be your best friend for the day and it means you wont be queuing for 40 minutes just to wash your hands. If your lucky enough to have a Bath and Body Works near you they do AMAZING pocket size hand sanitizers, they smell so good! Boots also do travel size ones which are great and most importantly affordable.

Next up are a pack of tissues. Yes I know what your thinking 'where are all the cool flowery wellies and cute headbands, tissues? Are you kidding?!'. If you have just spent what seems like half the day queuing for the portaloo only to find that there is no toilet paper you'll be wishing you brought these! They take up no room in your bag and are just so handy. There's always some kind of drink spillage (either by yourself or the drunken person next to you screaming 'THIS IS MY FAVOURITE SONG!') so at least you can attempt some kind of clean up. I learned the  hard way at Oxegen one year. A sneaky bird pooped on my head and I didn't have any tissues on me at the time. The embarrassment! :(

Lastly make sure you and your group choose a meeting point at the start of the day before you enter the main area. That way if anyone gets lost you can go back there to find each other. Somebodies phone will always run out of battery or get lost so at least you know that you will be able to find each other again! 

Most importantly have fun and be safe! :)

What festivals is everybody going to this year? Don't forget to visit Sarah over At The Beauty Desk for her survival guide!