Monday, 28 April 2014

#LetsTalkBlogChallenge Week 1 - A Day In My Life!

Hey guys!

So over the next six weeks myself and other Irish beauty bloggers will be doing the LetsTalkBlogChallange. We basically have specific topics which we will talk about over the next few weeks and every Monday at 8pm we will upload our posts and chat on Twitter!

So today's post is going to be a picture walk through of a typical day for me. I've chosen a Saturday as it's my favourite day and more interesting as I try to do a lot rather than during the week or Sundays. After all, Sundays are for resting! :) This was the lovely Sarah from At The Beauty Desk's idea so please click here and check out her blog for her day in the life post. 

Ok so first things first, shower and make up time. 
I was in a purple mood today so I used my Inglot Freedom Palette. Here is the finished result, Ta dah!

So now time for COFFEE!!

We have our own coffee machine and it's so good! We normally have either Starbucks Dark Espresso blend or 3FE which is so tasty. However as I planned on walking into town with mine a venti iced mocchachino from Starbucks will do nicely :)

Time for shopping! I walk a lot so I didn't take the bus even though the weather wasn't great today....but hurrah! As soon as I reached town it brightened up! 

Now there's not really any specific reason I need to go to town other than that I like to wander around on a Saturday. There's always a great buzz! My first stop is always Boots, I can never resist....and there may or may not have been some purchases....ok there was some purchases but they were needed I swear! :)

Next stop is Carousel, my FAVOURITE shop ever!! They have the cutest girliest dresses I have ever seen. I fell in love with not one but two new prettys. I will do another blog post on these as they deserve a bit more attention I think.

All this shopping made me hungry so obviously it was time for food at Jo Burger. If you have never been you need to go! The menus are in old Bunty and Beano annuals and they play house music on a Saturday evening!

Bunty menu!


I went for the special burger, beef, guacamole, bacon and emmenthal cheese....mmmmmm...

Burger of the day

It's HUGE!! The trick with these are to cut them in half and then eat each one separately. I always get the lime ginger lemonade every time, it's delicious! 

Lime ginger lemonade

Now for the food coma.....zzzzzz.....

Back home now to watch Dexter, I'm only starting season 6 so I'm a bit behind (no spoilers please!). 

Hope you guys liked my little day diary, I know I don't really delve into my personal life and what I get up to too much so hopefully you enjoyed it! 

See you for the next Lets Talk Blog Challange Monday at 8pm!