Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Wow Brown Ready To Glo Tan Review

Hey guys!

It has gotten SO cold in the last week its unbelievable! I love the change in seasons but its definitely hard to adapt back into the colder shorter days...

I've been trying out a new tan from Wow Brown called 'Ready to Glo' recently. Now, normally I will be very lazy with tan and only wear it for a special occasion but since I've been a hermit the last few weeks I decided to give it a go anyway :)

They advise to apply the tan and leave it overnight to develop (or 5 hours) before showering. 

This tan is super easy to use. All you do is spray the product onto a clean tanning mitt and apply in circular motions to the body. The colour comes up straight away and gradually gets darker after a few hours. I took some photos of my arm before, during and after to see how it looked. Here are the results!

Overall I was really impressed! I really like the finished result, the colour was very even and most importantly not orange! :) I only applied the tan very lightly as I wasn't sure how dark it was going to be once it was developed but the colour was lovely. I don't like to be super dark but if you want a darker colour all you have to do is apply slightly more tan and wait longer (preferable overnight) for it to develop. Easy peasy! :) The colour lasted for about 6 days before starting to fade. Removal was pretty simple, although it does fade over time I didn't notice any patches which was great. 

You can buy Wow Brown at most major pharmacies throughout Ireland and online at where all order placed are free! 'Ready to Glo' retails at €21.99 and in my opinion is well worth the price. You all know I love my Sally Hanson Airbrush but this is definitely my new favourite :)

Let me know if you have tried Wow Brown before, I'd love to hear your experiences!

Until next time brownies!


*Product sent as a press sample from Fran and Don at Wow Brown, all opinions are my own.