Thursday, 31 October 2013

Creepy Doll Makeup......Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween beauties!

I absolutely LOVE Halloween! Scary movies, sweets, getting to dress up....whats not to like?!

This year I decided to do something a bit on the easy side as I had already done Day of the Dead a few weeks ago. I wanted a look that I wouldn't need to go out and buy anything for hence....the creepy doll! This look is very simple to achieve but still very effective.

I started with a pale foundation. Unfortunately for me the palest colour I had was actually right for my skin tone this time of year as I've have no colour on my face at all!  :) The key to this look is flawlessness. You want your skin to be perfect so cover any imperfections after applying your foundation with concealer. 

Now time for the eyes. I applied NYX jumbo pencil in 'Milk' all over the lid and up to the eyebrows as a base. Next I took a bright purple shadow from my 120 palette and applied the colour all over the lid and up into my crease. Next I blended between the crease and up to my brow bone with a hot pink shadow also from the 120 palette. I filled in my eyebrows making them thinner than usual and applied mascara. I also lined my top lash line with my black gel liner. Next I used my Inglot AMC gel liner in 76 under the eye to create the illusion of a bigger doll like eyes. I then outlined this with the purple and hot pink shadow I had used on the lids. Next I applied Eyelure's Naturalites False lashes on the outline of the 'new' bottom eyelids and applied mascara on top to make them a litter darker. For the top I applied Girls Aloud Nicola's Fan Lashes. Eyes done!

Scary photo I know! :)

For the lips I erased my natural colour by applying concealer. I then drew a new lip in a doll like shape using Illamasqua's cream blush in 'Laid'. I contoured my face using the purple shadow from earlier and used 'Laid' as my base cheek colour set with 'Katie' on top to tone it down slightly.

Finally with the black gel liner, I drew little stitches in the corners of my mouth out towards the hollow in my cheeks for the creep factor! I had a gorgeous lilac dress from Jones and Jones that was perfect. I love their dresses, so girly and pretty!

Here's the finished result!

Hope you guys enjoy your night whatever you might be up to! Let me know what you dressed up as or even better send me a pic on Twitter or Facebook!

Sásta Oíche Shamhna!

Monday, 14 October 2013

Mexican Day Of The Dead - Día de Muertos


So today I'm showing you something completely different here on Cooking Up Beauty!

I attended a very special night last Saturday at the Village on Wexford street, a Mexican celebration 'Día de Muertos' which means 'Day of the Dead'.

'Día de Muertos' is normally celebrated on November 1st and 2nd in Mexico and throughout the world. Family and friends gather to remember loved ones who have passed on by visiting cemeteries and building private alters. The also leave possessions of the deceased such as an item of jewelry or their favourite food or beverage.

To mark the occasion, people attending will paint their face to represent a sugar skull or 'calavera de azúcar'. The designs are normally quite intricate, colourful and very creative. 

I had never attended anything like this before so I wasn't sure what to do for my own sugar skull creation. I ended up painting half of my face and leaving the other half how I would normally do my make up. This was more to do with time than anything else, I would have done the whole lot otherwise :)

So here is the end result!

I have to say it looks quite strange from this angle!

To create the look I used mainly Inglot products. The white base was from a costume shop on Stephens Green, it didn't have a name! I applied the white base all over the left side of my face. Then I contoured using a grey eyeshadow from one of the rainbow pans by Inglot in the number '120R' . Next I used Inglots AMC Gel Liner in '77' to create the black eye, nose hollow and skeleton teeth. To finish I used a red gel liner also by Inglot in the number '79' to decorate around the eye and to draw designs on my temple. These liners are waterproof so they did not budge the entire night! Looking back now I would have loved to incorporate a lot more colour to the look. Ah well, next year! :)

Have any of you celebrated this tradition before? If so I'd love to see your creations!