Friday, 13 September 2013

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Lotion

Hey Guys!

Well our summer is well and truly over.....and its Friday  13th.....den den DEN!!

Although we can't complain too much. This summer was the best we've had in years and everyone really made the most of it!

As our tans are beginning to fade (if you were lucky enough to get one that is!), its time to get out the fake tans for the Autumn.

I've been using the Sally Hansen Airbrush legs spray (picture below) for years and loved it.

The past two months I've been using the new Airbrush legs lotion which is the exact same as the spray but in a lotion form.

In my opinion there the lotion wins hands down over the spray. Although I loved the spray, it was messy to use and sprayed very unevenly. I have been known to spray the bathroom wall when applying at times....! The lotion gives the same full coverage as the spray but without the mess. Simply pop some onto a tanning mitt and apply as you would a normal body lotion. Easy!

Warning: scary pastey* legs photo comparison!

I use the same colour in the lotion as I did in the spray which is Medium 02. There are for shades altogether. It is slightly more expensive than the regular Airbrush Spray but definitely well worth it. Especially if you want to save your walls from the excess spray tan :)


*Fun fact! the word 'pastey' is described as 'bring so white that you reflect light or temporarily blind people' by Urban Dictionary.......I laughed for quite a while when I saw that! :)