Monday, 9 September 2013

Manicure Monday: Maybelline 'Speckled Pink'

Hey Guys!

Happy Manicure Monday!

Today I have Maybelline 'Speckled Pink' from their Color Show line for you. 

A few weeks ago I showed you 'Chalk Dust'' from Maybelline. 'Speckled Pink' is along the same lines only the glitters are suspended in a pink jelly polish instead of clear.

For the photos below I didn't use a base coat and applied three thin coats of polish.

Overall this is a great polish, especially if your feeling lazy as it looks like you've put more effort in than you really have! :) Hee hee! 

You can also use this polish over another pink as a top coat if you just want the glitter effect without having to do lots of layers.

The lasting power of these polishes are pretty great for the price. I normally get around four days with no chips! I have one more of the polka dots series from Maybelline to show you which will probably be coming in a week or two so keep your eyes peeled!