Monday, 2 September 2013

Manicure Monday: China Glaze 'Son Of A Peach'

Hey Guys!

Happy Manicure Monday! 

Seeing as how school started back this week I thought I'd do a bright nail look for today to cheer everyone up a bit :)

'Son Of A Peach' by China Glaze is a matte peach neon polish. The colour in person is really eye catching and bright however the camera isn't really picking it up in the photo below.

The photo on the top left corner was taken in the shade and the other two in direct sunlight.

Although the colour is amazing the formula wasn't great. It was quite watery for a creme polish and it took three coats to get full opacity. The first two coats were quite streaky. Having said that I'm a sucker for neon polish so it won't stop me from using it in the future! I didn't use a white base coat underneath as I wanted to see what the polish was like on its own first.

If any of you have this polish and noticed the same issues with it as I did please let me know. I'd like to think I got a bad batch as I love China Glaze polishes!