Monday, 16 September 2013

Manicure Monday: China Glaze 'Heat Index'

Hey Guys,

Happy Manicure Monday!

Today I have another neon polish from China Glaze to share with you (I told you I was obsessed!).
'Heat Index' is an amazing neon blue based pink that was part of the 'Sunsational' summer collection. I also reviewed Son Of A Peach and Neon And On And On which were also part of that collection a few weeks back.

The collection was divided into creme and jelly formulas. Heat Index is a pink jelly. 

For the photos below I used four coats which is quite a lot but is to be expected from a jelly polish unless you want a very sheer look.

Again with all the neon polishes I've shown you over the last few weeks the camera just isn't doing the colour any justice. It's super bright and fun. Your nails almost look as if they are glowing its that bright! :)

I deliberately didn't apply a top coat for today's photos just so you could see how much of a shine it gives the nail on its own! The photo on the right was taken in shade and the other in direct sunlight.

So are any of you as obsessed as I am with China Glaze at the moment? Please say yes, it'll make me feel better! :)