Friday, 6 September 2013

Illamasqua Hydra Veil Review

Hey beauty lovers!

I was in London recently and of course HAD to make a special trip to Illamasqua on Beak Street for a nosey round. For any of you you live near and haven't been yet you seriously need to go! It's like make up heaven! The colours, the make up's just a dream the minute you step foot inside. Everybody who works there is just amazing. Their make up was absolutely flawless and so creative. On top of that everyone was really friendly and down to earth. 

Anyway enough rambling! I picked up a few things while I was there, some I specifically went there to get. One thing I had been dying to try out was their new primer Hydra Veil. I'd read so many good things online and had to try it for myself.

This primer is really good for anybody with normal to dry skin. It hydrates the skin before make up application and there is a noticeable difference once you have applied your foundation. Now I do normally wear long lasting liquid foundations anyway but I did feel that this product made a difference. I normally get creasing under my eyes from concealer/foundation especially once my make up has been on a few hours. Hydra Veil definitely kept these bad boys at bay for much longer, however they did return towards the end of the day which is fair enough. 

The packaging of the primer itself is very unusual as most primers tend to come in a tube or pump. Hydra Veil comes in a pot, similar to a face cream. When you open the top you can see a tiny little spoon which you take off. Then you take off the protective cover to find the primer inside.

The texture of the primer is like a jelly. You use the spoon to take a little bit out and then apply with your fingers to the face. I know this whole process might seem a bit tedious to some people but I love it! It makes me feel a little bit special each time I put it on :)

I've been keeping mine for special occasions as Illamasqua is not available here in Ireland, only online. I would use this everyday otherwise. 

Have any of you tried hydra Veil? Whats your favourite make up primers to use?

Let me know in the comments below!