Monday, 22 April 2013

Illamasqua Blush Review

Illamasqua where have you been all my life? Literally! 
I am ashamed to say that it is only up until recently I was an Illamasqua virgin.....and boy have I been missing out!

I have been wanting to try Illamaqua now for months but as they don't sell it in any stores in Ireland anymore (they have been gone from BT2 since early 2011) I was a bit hesitant to buy online.

It was their blushes that I had mainly been wanting to try but now I want to try everything!

I ordered from and was only waiting 5 days for delivery. As I wasn't sure of the colours online I decided to go for the ones that I had heard promising reviews on and the ones which caught my eye most.

The first blush I got is a powder blush called 'Katie'. 'Katie' is a really pale blue based pink, almost lavender but more on the pink side. It reminds me of 'Well Dressed' by MAC but matte and with better pigmentation. The colour is true to life, what you see in the pan is what you get.

This colour is amazing on fair skin tones (which suits me perfectly!), it makes your cheeks look like they have the perfect china doll flush. As you can see from the swatch below this colour will show up even on the palest of skin and would look gorgeous on any skin tone. I tested the wear of all of the blushes I bought on a working day as I work 11 hour shifts. I did not use a primer or setting spray while testing. 'Katie' was very easy to blend and I used a MAC 129 blush brush to apply.

'Katie' Swatch

Next up is 'Excite' which is another powder blush. 'Excite' is a vivid matte apricot colour and is super bright but not overbearing. It does need to be applied with a light hand as again it is very pigmented so a little goes a long way. This to me is the perfect Autumn colour as it would be gorgeous with a brown smokey eye.

As you can see from the swatch a light hand is needed with this particular colour and it does look pretty scary in the pan but again can be toned down depending on what kind of look your going for.

'Excite' Swatch

First up for the cream blushes is 'Laid'. I was most excited to try the cream blushes as my skin is quite dry so cream blush would look nice and dewy on the skin. 'Laid' is a bright blue based dark pink and the darkest colour I picked.

Again 'Laid' is very pigmented but can be sheared out using your fingers, beauty blender or sponge. I just used my fingers to apply to my cheeks as I thought it gave the best colour pay off. I did notice with the cream blushes that they did not last as long as the powder, up to 8-9 hours without fading which is still pretty good. For the way it made my skin look I think it is worth the wear time.

'Laid' Swatch

Lastly I got 'Rude', another cream blush. 'Rude' is described on the Illamasqua site as 'warm peach pink with a dewy finish' which to me is the perfect description of this colour. It gives a lovely glow to the skin and because all the cream blushes have Vitamin E they give a lovely dewy effect when applied. I would not recommend the cream blushes to anyone with oily skin as the Vitamin E would make the skin greasy.

'Rude' Swatch

All in all I am delighted with all of the colours I choose, the only problem now is that I want them all! :) These are hands down the best blushes I have ever used and would recommend them to anybody. It is safe to say that I am definitely hooked Illamasqua!