Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Great Lengths

I have been thinking for a while about doing something with my hair.....
I've got to the stage now where I am happy with the colour but would like it slighter lighter. I don't really want to dye it again so soon after the last time since my hair has been through so much over the last year and a half (see here), so I have been considering hair extensions.

Now I know what your thinking. 'Oh my god they will ruin your hair, are you crazy?!'. Well! I have been doing some research and found Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

Look at the prettiness! :)

What's different about these kind of extensions is that they are made from 100% human hair and work with your own hair without causing damage like most other types of extensions. I'm sure you have all seen the dodgy photos of badly done hair extensions on celebrities and heard that they cause your own hair to fall out from constant use. Not anymore! :)

They come in a range of different colours and because they are using human hair there is a specific process they adapt when dying the hair so that it does not cause damage. Why use 100% human hair if it only going to be damaged during the dying process? What they do is similar to how they dye fine quality cashmere. The natural pigments are removed from the hair and then carefully re-dyed to a new colour. This allows the hair extensions to remain high quality and most importantly remain healthy. The extensions are double drawn meaning they are the same thickness from top to bottom which looks more flattering as normally extensions tend to get thinner towards the end and can look ratty.

This balayage would be what I'm looking for

Although I haven't taken the plunge yet it is all very tempting. I have had a consultation with Linda who is specially trained in Great Lengths and she said the extensions last up to 4 months which is great. I have a wedding to attend in September that I would like to have them done for so I'll wait another few months so I get the full benefit out of them. If you are attending a special event they also do Swarovski crystal extensions which add a lovely sparkle to the hair. Perfect for a wedding or debs!

Swarovski crystal extensions

If you would like a consultation with Linda to know more about Great Lengths and to get an individual price for your extensions she is based in Dublin and can be contacted through her Facebook page Linda's Luxury Hair Extensions. A consultation with her is free of charge :)

I'd love to hear your experiences with hair extensions so let me know your stories!