Thursday, 7 February 2013

Wet n' Wild Eyeshadow Palettes

Another American purchase from my trip to Florida recently! These were almost like gold dust, impossible to find and when I did eventually manage to find them they had very limited stock. I couldn't actually find any of these in Naples so when we visited Miami I was delighted to find them in the CVS across the road from where we were staying. 

If they had all of the palettes in stock I would have definitely purchased all of them, they are so cheap and the pigment is amazing for the price. The Colour Icon Eyeshadow Collection palettes were they ones I had my eye on, I had done a little research before I went as to which ones were the best and as you get 8 shadows in one palette I was very excited!

I got 'Blue Had Me At Hello' and 'Shimmer The Night Away'. Unfortunately the top left highlighting colour in the 'Shimmer The Night Away' palette was slightly broken (probably from being manhandled a bit too much in the store) but I got it as it was the only one there and as it was only a little bit in the corner I didn't mind too much, they were only $6 after all! When I got home and unpacked my case after the holiday the shadow had completely broken up inside in the palette from being thrown around in the luggage and there a bit of a mess everywhere.....nooooooo!! I thought this might happen so I didn't actually open the packaging around the palette before I came home just in case and it was lucky that I didn't otherwise my whole makeup bag would have a nice silvery/white sheen all over it! There was chunks of the colour still salvageable so I got out my Duraline from Inglot (see review here) to do a little experiment to see if it could be fixed. I gathered the remaining pieces back into the pan and pressed down using the applicator that came with the palette (I always throw these away anyway so it wasn't a big deal) and once I had everything pressed down I dropped about 3-4 drops of Duraline into the pan and started to pat down to secure it in place again. As you can see from the picture I did manage to fix it, even tho it's a little bumpy looking, it's completely intact again and totally usable. I let it dry overnight just to make sure I didn't disturb the shadow anymore and when I checked the next day it was perfect. Hurrah!! :) 

'Shimmer The Night Away' Colour Icon Palette

As you can see from the pictures the colours are quite intense. The packaging at the front is a little dirty as it is covered in black sticker when you first purchase it and when you peel it off it leaves marks on the front :(

As you can see the top left shadow is the one that broke in transit, still surviving tho! :)

Bottom 4 Shadows 'Shimmer the Night' Palette
There are two colours for each area of the eye but again this is just a guideline for different looks that can be created with these palettes.

Top 6 Shadows 'Shimmer the Night' Palette
The colours in the 'Shimmer the Night' palette are all super pigmented. They are all shimmery or have glitter in them.

 2 Eyelid Colours and 2 Brow Highlight Colours
As you can see from the swatches of the eyelid and brow colours they are pretty shimmery, this was one swipe of each colour. The two brow highlights on the far right are the sheerest after one sipe but can be built up if more intensity is desired.

2 Crease Colours and 2 Defining Colours
The darkest colours in the palette are recommended for your crease or for defining around the lid or in the outer corner of the eyes. These are quite dark and because they are so pigmented you really don't need to pick up a lot of colour on the brush.

'Blue Had Me At Hello' is a gorgeous mixture of silver, teals, dark blues and black shadows.

'Blue Had Me At Hello' Colour Icon Palette
Out of the two palettes I currently have I prefer this one. The colours appeal to me more and you can create so many different looks.

The dark navy blue on the left is my favourite colour of the palette, it's so creamy and sparkly, great for a smokey eye.

Bottom 4 Shadows 'Blue Had Me At Hello'
Again with the 'Shimmer The Night Away' palette all of the shadows have glitter or shimmer. As I like a bit more depth when creating eye looks I would prefer if they had one matte brow highlight and one matte crease colour instead of the whole palette being shimmery.

All 8 Shadows 'Blue Had Me At Hello'
My least favourite shadows are the silver on the left second from the top and the dark defining colour at the bottom right. The silver shadow is just a bit much for my liking but the colour payoff is very good so if your a fan of silver you will most likely enjoy this shadow. The dark definer just isn't great, it's the only colour in the palette which the pigmentation isn't really that good. Although you can't really complain after paying $6 really :)

2 Eyelid Shadows and 2 Brow Highlight Shadows
The minty silver second from the right is gorgeous as is the deep teal first on the left.

2 Crease Shadows and 2 Definer Shadows
As you can see the last shadow on the far right is not too great. You really have to layer the shadow to get the true colour which I don't like. It's time consuming to do this so I normally just tend to go for the other shadows in it's place.

Overall I am very impressed with both palettes. I will definitely be trying out more Wet n' Wild products if I get the chance. For the price the quality is amazing and well worth the money.

You can get these Wet n' Wild products on Ebay that will ship to Ireland if you do want to try this out as currently they are not available in Europe.

Happy Hunting! :)