Friday, 11 January 2013

Cosmetic Company Outlet (CCO)

New Year's resolution.....I will stick to regular posting!! :) 
Hello again Internet friends! I have so much to blog about over the next few weeks, lots of new products to talk about, new discoveries, old favourites and lots more!

As you may have noticed I have (again) been absent over the last few weeks, I have been abroad a lot and with Christmas/New Year sneaking in the weeks just flew by. However now I'm back I can't wait to share my experiences with you guys. 

I was lucky enough to visit Florida in November (oh the depression to be back in the cold and rain), and of course I wasn't shy when it came to exploring what shops Naples and Miami had to offer. Having been to Naples before I already knew some of the shops I wanted to visit, The Cosmetic Company Outlet (CCO for short) at Mirormar being one of them. Now, for anybody who has never been to a CCO you are missing out! Granted you will not find a CCO in a regular mall they can be tricky to find. Usually they are found in an outlet mall as a stand alone store. CCO carry brands such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Origins and Este√© Lauder but instead of carrying a full range of products they only carry limited edition or discontinued products. Basically if a company like MAC for instance comes out with a holiday collection (as they do every Christmas), and if a particular store gets a lot of certain products from that collection that do not sell out or have not sold by the date the collection is discontinued in store, those products will then be sold to CCO at a cheaper price. Meaning CCO will sell them to the consumer at a discounted rate. CHA CHING! A single eyeshadow that would normally be $15 can be found for $12 and considering MAC is cheaper in the states anyway this is a bargain for us Irish beauty hunters! 

I picked up some pretty good deals myself while I was there. For me the eyeshadow and holiday collections they had were a miss. I generally try to stay away from MAC holiday collections as I find the quality just isn't the same as the regular brushes/shadows they have on offer. I had been on the hunt for a nice red lipstick but unfortunately they had none. The trouble with CCO is that it's pot luck what you find on the day. Even the staff don't know what they are getting in their next order so it's best to keep checking back to make sure you don't miss anything good :)

I did however pick up some limited edition and discontinued brushes from MAC that I am extremely happy with. First is the 222 tapered blending brush. This has been discontinued for a while now as the 217 was the more popular blending brush from MAC as it was slightly fluffier. However I prefer that this brush is a little more dense so you don't lose the colour you are trying to blend out and personally i think it's easier to work with so this brush suits me down to the ground! It's smaller than the 224 and not as wide so you have more control.

222 Blending Brush

This is great for getting right into my crease and blending away any harsh lines. It's also made of goat hair so it's super soft! This brush originally retailed at $28 and I got it for $18.

222 Close up

Next I found a brush that I had been wanting for a while, not this exact brush but something similar that would perform the same job. The 128 from MAC is a split fibre cheek brush and was part of the semi-precious collection that they did back in 2011. 

128 Cheek Brush
This brush has both natural and synthetic fibres, hence the different coloured sides. It's pretty dense which is perfect for what I wanted it for. This originally retailed at $32 and I got it for $22 which is pretty good.

128 Split Fibre

I have been using it to contour my cheeks and it's great as you can really get into the hollows underneath your cheekbones easily. If you like a really sculpted face then this is the brush for you. 

128 Split Fibre
As for actual makeup I only bought two items. A bronzer and a pressed powder, pretty boring I know but they were things I needed and they I was trying to limit going into a makeup spending frenzy!

The Studio Fix pressed powder which I have used before is really quite good. I use the lightest shade NC15 and will normally use this over a liquid foundation to set it if I want a little bit more coverage especially for a night out. This powder can be used on its own if you want more of a natural look but as my skin is quiet dry I wouldn't do this myself. I paid $17, this currently retails at $27 at and in store.

Studio Fix Pressed Powder Foundation

I know this looks super pale in the pan but embarrassingly this matches my skin tone perfectly. It's strange because all of the MAC liquid foundations I've tried are too dark for me, even the NC/NW 15. When they go on first it looks fine but after about an hour and the longer the day goes on it gets darker and orange as the foundation oxidises with my skin. Not a good look!

Studio Fix Pressed Powder NC15

The answer to this pale predicament? BRONZER!! As I'm not a fan of looking like an oompa loompa I try to make my skin look at least like I'm alive and less like one of the zombies from the Walking Dead with a bit of bronzy goodness. This one I picked up was part of the 'Surf Baby' collection back in Spring 2011.

Surf Baby Careblend Pressed Powder

It was the lightest one that they had in store and looked perfect when I swatched it. The colour is 'Lush Light Bronze'. It was $18 and would have retailed for $28 when the collection originally was released.

Lush Light Bronze

I had been using Nars Laguna as my go to bronzer but as I was nearly out I decided to try something different and I have to say I actually prefer this one! Pity I didn't pick up another one as a back up. It's really smooth in texture and glides onto the skin beautifully. It lasts for about 8 hours without needing a touch up on my skin over liquid foundation. It has a matt finish and adds a lovely warm glow and can be built up if desired. I love that the MAC logo is imprinted on the powder too!

Lush Light Bronze Close Up

Sorry for the super long post, I wanted to give you guys a little more than usual as I have neglected you over the last few weeks. Have you ever been to a CCO before? If so what bargains did you get or was it a disappointment? I'd love to know your stories!

Until next week lovely internet people, bye!!