Friday, 14 September 2012

Forever 21 Accessories

Hats off to Forever 21 for the most cutest accessories EVER! I picked up these little gems not too long ago and fell in love....

These were the first pair that caught my eye, I thought the little rose was adorable and I loved the colour. Would you believe these only cost €1.60?! Absolute madness! So of course when I saw they had other colours I also had to have them :)

These ones are slightly bigger than the peach ones so they cost a little more at €2.90, HA! At those prices I was seriously considering buying the whole accessory range in the shop. The details on these are pretty cute with the diamantes around the edge of the rose and they had a whole range of pastel colours to choose from.
So onto the last purchase, the smallest pair of glasses in the world.....on a necklace!

How cute is this?!

I can't remember exactly how much this cost but I believe it was only €3.60, a steal! Just to give you an idea how small this actually is here's another pic.

Forever 21 is great if your looking for accessories especially for a night out which aren't going to break the bank, or if your looking for something that's on trend which won't justify spending big bucks when in a few months it'll be shoved into the back of the jewellery box. Ok so it's not going to last forever but it'll be cute until then.

Forever 21 is located in the Jervis Shopping Center Dublin