Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Arthur's Day

So Arthur's Day 2012 is upon us and considering its the first year since it started that I will actually be heading out to join the festivities I decided to make a bit of an effort. Guinness inspired nails! 

Firstly I painted my nails with two coats of Ciaté Ghetto Fabulous which is just a matte black.

Next I painted a strip of white polish across the top of each nail, like you would do if you were doing a normal french manicure. I used OPI Alpine Snow. Make sure to leave the two coats of black nail varnish completely dry before you do this.

Et Voila! Nails as perfect as the pint itself! I applied a top coat once the white polish had dried, if you apply your top coat too soon it will smudge the two polishes together.

Cute little Guinness candle I have!
What are your plans for Arthur's Day this year? I'm hoping to catch Fatboy Slim in one of the venues! Here's hoping anyway......To Martha!

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